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Did you know that every single seam inside the clothing you are wearing has been cut and sewn by a human? It is a common misconception that machines are able to manufacture garments. Yes, we have sewing machines, but they still need to be operated by a human. The garment factories you hear about are factories of humans. Every single seam in your clothing has been cut and stitched by a human – cutting and constructing clothes requires the dexterity of skilled and well practiced human hands.

Now consider your clothing. Take a look inside that panel dress, or that lined jacket. Consider the time that it took to cut and sew each of those seams. Consider the cost of the material, and consider how much you paid for the garment. Did the person who made it get paid fairly? Did they get paid at all?

There is a reason that big brands aren’t shouting about their manufacturing processes or how much they pay their staff. Keeping consumers in the dark allows them to continue their destructive practices unchallenged. This is a useful article if you would like to find out more. When I started BangBangCrash I set out to do things differently. I want to be as transparent as possible as to the story behind your clothing. Here is the manufacturing story of your BangBangCrash garment:

At BangBangCrash all manufacturing is taken place in-house, by seamstresses who are paid the living wage. We do not fly fabric and clothing backwards and forwards across the globe. This not only ensures we have as low a carbon footprint as possible, it also allows absolute quality control, increasing the longevity of your garment. The vast majority of items are made-to-order which reduces textile waste, and allows us to adjust the fit according to your measurements. Once they are cut, your clothes are sewn to a high standard using machines powered by energy from renewable resources. All scraps and off-cuts are collected for re-use and recycling. Once your garment is finished it goes through a final quality check, and then is posted out to you in a paper or recycled sugar cane mailer.

Jojo x
Creative Director