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The fashion world is dominated by fast fashion, where garments are created quickly and cheaply to the detriment of both the people who make them, and our environment. As creative director of bangBangCrash I believe it is of the utmost importance to put ethics over profits, and to provide an alternative to the destructive, poor quality and poorly maintained fast fashion industry. I also want to be as transparent as possible as to the story behind your clothing. Here is the manufacturing story of your BangBangCrash garment:

UPDATE – As of 2020 all new fabrics purchased are going to be sustainable – this means organic cotton or eco-lycra, produced without the use of toxic pesticides or virgin plastic

Once the fabric reaches BangBangCrash HQ all garments are created in-house. This reduces our carbon footprint and ensures absolute quality control, increasing the longevity of your garment. For the most part items are made-to-order which ensures no fabric goes to waste, and allows us to adjust the fit according to your measurements. Bodies come in all manner of shapes and sizes, and we want to create clothing that fits you like a glove. All garments are sewn to a high standard, reinforced at stress points, and built to last. All packaging, from business cards to tape, is made from either recycled or recyclable paper. We do not use plastic mailers. All the scraps and off-cuts from your garment are collected for re-use and recycling.

Xx Jojo
Founder & Creative Director