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BangBangCrash has always practiced ethical & sustainable methods of manufacturing, and from 2020 onwards all new designs are going to be made entirely from ethical and sustainable materials. In my opinion, these are fabrics that are organic (non-organic cotton production is one of the most destructive practices of our modern world,) or fabrics that are created from post-consumer waste (e.g eco-lycra generated from ocean waste plastics.)

I also pledge to operate with full transparency as to the pros and cons of garment production. It is a common practice within the fashion industry to greenwash products, promoting one ethical element of their garment whilst hiding countless damaging practices. I do not believe that this is useful if we are to generate systemic change of the fashion industry. It is important that we are all fully aware of the manufacturing process in order to be able to make educated and conscious decisions. This is why I am going to be adding sustainability notes on each garment.

We still have a small store of fabric from previous designs, and these will be used, rather than being sent to landfill, so you will continue to see some designs that use non-sustainable materials for sale online for a while. Once these fabrics are used up, no new non-sustainable fabrics will be purchased.

All threads used for sewing will still be polyester. Although organic cotton threads are available, they are not as durable, and I have made this choice in order to give your garments the longest possible lifespan.

If you are interested in finding out more about sustainable and non-sustainable fabrics, this article contains a simple and succinct overview, or delve deeper into the blog for more info on BangBangCrash production & materials.

Jojo x
Creative Director